NAME: J. V. Citizenship: France

Citizenship: France
Year Torture/Abuse Began:
Email:  jac.vuillod[at]



New : Extra Microwaves Weapons, Electromagnetic Weapons and Infrasonic/Subsonic Waves (targeted), very grave, may be added on U.S. Satellite Trackings (“beacons”), with new equipments located in USA and sometimes in Paris (Directed Energy Weapons /DEW). The damages on people are again worse…Why do we have such an U.S. tracking and locating system by radar satellite with very big receptivity/sensitivity and with permanent execrable sound /voicing effects. The Human rights are becoming less and less respected in France…There are unlawful decisions at cabinet level in France as well as in the U.S.A. Stop this political criminality, completely insane/monstrous, realized with a cold determination and a total arbitrary.

Jacques VUILLOD (retired since jan. 1998)
10 rue des sapins, 38360 Sassenage (Grenoble), FRANCE e-mail: jac.vuillod[at]

Subject: Extremely accurate trackings/shadowings (thru-wall) by radar-satellite with interactive and execrable sound effects /quasi-permanent remote (or from a distance) aggression, remote mind control, targeted microwave irradiation, everywhere and at all times, without having a regard for the Human Rights (surveillance technology and assaults coming from star wars) .

Implacable inquisition: big ears/ tapping by satellite as well as collimator/zoom with satellite (remote viewing).And by using techniques of microwaves/radiofrequency fields and infrasounds for making very serious damages on people (many mistreatments), directed energy weapons, attacks caused by directed energy frequencies. In France this criminality is degenerating more and more : non-consensual and felon processes. In France there is no control of the parliaments on these very lousy tricks (electronic incarceration or electronic concentation camp system).

Dear Sir or Madam:

I would like to obtain an intervention to have a re-examination (and a stop, as far as I’m concerned) of an U.S. tracking and locating system/“beacon” (with reconnaissance/radar-satellites) realized with the means of the Pentagon/ N.R.O/ C.I.A./N.S.A.). Some means may be transferred to certain French Secret Services (and to criminal Cabinet Agencies)

For me (and sometimes in the environment), this satellite-tracking is perceptible because threre are quasi-permanent sound/voicing effects , interactive/with feedback or not (with a big use of the technique of the acoustical heterodynamics or heterodyning / sound or voice projection in space, in a desired point).

These odious sound effects are considered as assaults (by the french police). With these satellite-trackings, there are use of radiofrequency fields microwaves weapons, electromagnetic weapons and low frequencies (infrasounds : silent sounds…). All these waves are targeted and are very noxious, and there are extremely serious damages for the Human rights (many mistreatments) : directed energy weapons. I want to insist on the very important accuracy of this special locating and tracking system leading to an odious mental repression (torture) and much mental perturbation, overt and covert harassment. How such an accuracy is asked, is there some blackmail (on some briberies) ?

At the present time there is a big increase of this criminality with increasing microwave and infrasound intensities, notably ; and by using new equipments with effects more grave on the health ( and much more corruption at all levels: some people go off the rails ; there an increase of the mix-up/chaos in some F and U.S. organisms or divisions, with removing of the safeguards ).

That is a remote kidnapping, too, by these embezzled equipments of war/star wars (of the pentagon, at first), the victims being movable most certainly, for arbitrary repression and/or experimentations on people ; there is a sort of electronic concentration camp system, the modern equivalent of a concentration camp. (remote : at or from a distance).

There are execrable doings everywhere by satellite: remote brain stormings, remote mind control and psychic spying (synthetic telepathy with U.S. tracking …),microwave brain-washing, strong incitement to repeat over and over again, groups of words or sentences re-emitted by satellite ((verbal harassment in french language, nearly all the time) and very localized on the victim (mental torture by science computer criminality with many big computers “cray” type, with or without bypassing the ears (obliging often to speak alone with a virtual agressor), in sum a “remote assassination by inches” (and/or a remote neutralization-assassination/virtual assassination, making of very serious handicaps) with certain waves very confined/targeted.

There are also execrable strong sound (noise) effects re-emitted by satellite and less / loud overt harassment), audible in thelocalized (sound “hammering environment. There are unacceptable physical and mental supervisions/surveillances (remote viewing) by bribed, delinquent, indelicate, very dishonest agents or private individuals (having access to the U.S. equipments to their profit). There are voicing/sound-effects, directly or with very lousy/vicious softwares leading to the repetition of group of words all the times.

And furthermore , much diversion, foolishness and misinformation produce enormous cases/victims and afterwards that becomes an infernal spiral and for some agents or persons, more and more direct or indirect illegal extra salaries (or some other interests) and so on (a money and criminality logic, mainly). These cases/victims are not big cases when these criminal/unlawful/undemocratic acts (nazi style) are stopped…

The French embassy in Washington is probably implicated as well as the U.S. embassy in Paris (and the ministry of foreign affairs), and of course the French gov’t .

There is a very important (but very minority) corruption and /or irresponsibility (and delinquency) for the realization of these satellite trackings which are illicit and arbitrary (no reason notified to me). The reasons are villainous (swindlings, frauds), of course. In fact, it’s a lousy trick with some “hold-ups” at the ministry of finance (black budgets).

In my opinion these trackings and these assaults by satellite/”through-the-wall radar”systems and the using of directed energy weapons (owing to French unlawful decisions (blacklist at cabinet level : electronic incarceration), but achieved with the help of all U.S.means) are inadmissible in Rights States. I am asking for my liberation of this electronic system of surveillance and attacks (energy directed frequencies)

How to fight against Tracking and directed energy weapons (frequencies) due to enormous French corruption and US equipments (used with black budgets) ?


Thank you in advance.
Sincerely yours
Jacques VUILLOD – N.R.O.: National Reconnaissance Office (See: web/internet)
MAIL: 10 rue des sapins, 38360 Sassenage (Grenoble), FRANCE
WEB: (Torture Case in Spanish)

Références, see notably :
The shoking Menace of Satellite Surveillance John Fleming, Pravda, 14 July 2001, The War of All against All, web site: ou résumé :
The electronic concentration camp, Perf2, vol2, 1992, Mutation Research journal,June 1994,-web site :
John St. Clair Akwei vs NSA,Ft Meade, MD, Dec. 1991 (many references), et Nexus mag. April 1996, web site :

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